Two tight-knit sisters

A common passion for human relations and a well-developed entrepreneurial spirit, the sisters Joane and Mireille took over the reins of Brunelli with the intention of developing the brand.  Overtime, Brunelli has become a benchmark in household linen across Canada.


Joane: she is the silk that makes lace on the trendy side!

Mother of two daughters with studies in psycho-sociology of communication and design in her pocket, Joane is the creative one who takes care of product development.  She is always on the lookout for new trends, whether in colours, styles or materials.


Mireille: she is the human thread that knits people together

Also a mother of two daughters, Mireille is interested in people and wants you to feel good.  Her master’s degree in clinical sexology and her practice of marital therapy confirms this.  She excels in the art of developing business relationships based on communication, respect and partnership.


Behind the scenes, strong values of dedication, authenticity, trust and pleasure, are what the 12 members of this dynamic team can attest to.  Under their leadership, Brunelli has expanded its wings to reach more of you.


« We believe that helping people create a home that looks like them contributes to their happiness » – Joane and Mireille