What creates the difference between linen, cotton, bamboo and polyester?

Linen:  While cotton and polyester are more popular fibers, linen is known for its lightness, high degree of absorption and great durability. It is very wrinkly. That's part of its charm! And will become softer over time.

Cotton:  Like all natural fibers, cotton will crease just as easily. We appreciate its softness, comfort as well as its ability to absorb moisture. Another advantage: it quickly takes to our body’s temperature.

Bamboo: Bamboo shares several characteristics with cotton. Made of natural fibres, it is soft and breathable. Bamboo is recognized for its softness and also possesses antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Polyester: A synthetic fiber, polyester is the most affordable fabric. It is resistant to wear and pilling, in addition to being wrinkle-resistant.  On the other hand, it absorbs little humidity.


Double-queen size, what is it?

Our double-queen size quilts and duvet covers are suitable for double beds and queen-size beds with thin mattresses. If you want larger fallout on either side of your queen bed or if your mattress is very thick, we recommend that you opt for the King size.


How to keep your duvet in place in its cover?

If your duvet tends to move around in its cover, know that at Brunelli, many of our unstitched cotton duvet covers have fasteners on the inside and our duvets have loops at the ends. You just have to tie them together to keep the comforter in place.


What are the types of duvet cover closures?

There are several types of closures on the market for duvet covers, for example buttons, ties or wallet flaps. At Brunelli, all our covers have a zipper, because we are committed to offering you maximal simplicity and efficiency.


What is a quilted duvet cover?

This is a duvet cover that has the look of a quilted quilt in which we can insert a duvet so as to create a softer bed. It can therefore be used in two ways: alone or with a duvet for the cooler seasons or for the more cautious! In both cases, it will dress your bed nicely.


How do I maintain my Brunelli bedding?

We believe that well-being extends beyond the bed; our beddings are designed to be easy to maintain. So much so, that the majority only ask to be entrusted to the good care of your washer and dryer. So you have more time to relax! As with any product, it is recommended that you carefully read the washing instructions.


Why choose a synthetic duvet versus a feathered one?

Unlike feather duvets, synthetic duvets are machine washable.  Made of microfibers, they are hypoallergenic and do not emit any odor, in addition to providing an environment that is not conducive to the reproduction of dust mites. The synthetic duvet therefore offers excellent value for your money.


How do I keep my duvet nice and puffed-up?

To prevent sagging and keep the puffiness effect of your duvet, it is advisable to put 2 tennis balls in the washer and 2 balls of wool in the dryer. It's a great way to inflate the filling with air and allow the duvet to regain its cozy volume.


How to recreate that hotel bed look?

Follow these 3 easy steps to create a 5 star bed!

  1. Choose quality white linens to create an atmosphere that is pure, soft and welcoming.  Then iron the fitted and the flat sheets before covering the mattress.
  2. Before placing it on top of the flat sheet, opt for a thick duvet and insert it into its cover. Consider choosing a duvet large enough to completely cover the bed and fall generously to the sides.  You will want to snuggle up there like in a cocoon! It is also possible to fold the flat sheet over the top of your duvet before putting down the pillows for a perfectly neat look.
  3. Add pillows, cushions and throws.  It is the clever arrangement of these pillows, cushions and a throw that gives your bed that warm inviting hotel feeling its final touch.  Essential elements of style, they also increase comfort.


How to arrange pillows, cushions and throws?

In order to be able to lean on it comfortably, place your pillows upright.  First place 2 square (European) pillows near the bed head, then add 2 rectangular pillows that will rest on it.  Finally, depending on the size of the bed and the desired effect, select one or more decorative cushions that will enhance your arrangement, before finishing by adding a throw at the foot of the bed, which can be arranged with care or in a fun and brilliant way.

Pillows, cushions and throws allow you to express your personality and easily change the look of the decor according to trends. This is also what injects the essential dose of softness into the bedroom!


When are our new products revealed?

Officially, we unveil our new products for the coming season twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.  As we are always in the development and in search of new trends, we often add new products during the season.  Come visit us regularly!


Pleasant dreams!